Andrea Clay Art
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Colorful          Textural          Sculpture Rose Collection

"The Garden of Roses originally began as a large scale, soft sculpture, temporary installation. Roses have always been my favorite flower. They are so lovely and elegant; yet, they only last for a short time. I wanted to find a way to capture their beauty and create a permanent way to enjoy them.

My goal with the Garden of Roses collection is to create an illusion that connects with the viewer. I try to share my inner light, passion, and imagination in each artwork. I always have a vision of the completed piece; but, I try to let the work happen naturally.

The Garden of Roses project is composed of hand dyed, painted, or pure fabrics made from canvas, burlap, muslin, denim, and cotton blends. The fabric is dipped into an archival glue and formed into rose designs ranging in shape, size, and color. Each unique design is textural and sculptural, which makes them irresistible to touch! Please do! Pieces from this collection are in Texas, North Carolina, New York, Wyoming, Missouri, Oregon, and Arizona. Custom roses can be made upon request.”